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In Search of Tone and Quality
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Hi all. I would love to keep a regular diary here, but I just seem to constantly move from one thing to another! This week I have been in search of tone and quality by trying out some new speakers … Read More

KT Bush Band Interview
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KT Bush Band Interview from The KT Bush Band on Vimeo. The KT Bush Band are delighted to be able to share our promo video with you featuring an interview and some stories from Brian Bath & Vic King as … Read More

The KT Bush Band Launches!
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Hi Folks, I’m quite sure you are all warming up to some of this fine spring weather that will hopefully continue for many a day! A season of new beginnings, Spring’s also the perfect time to announce the launch and revisit of our new … Read More

Frank Auerbach at Tate Britain
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FRANK AUERBACH at Tate Britain 9 October – 13 March What is going on here? You can feel a sense of power within this work but is that all? I guess it is labeled under post expressionism and it is very removed … Read More

In The Heart Of The Sea
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In The Heart Of The Sea 2015 | 122 min | Action, Adventure, Biography To me, the first panoramic view of historical backdrops in stunning detail will always belong to the opening sequences of The Gangs of New York. There are similar breathtaking … Read More

Star Wars The Force Awakens
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Star Wars The Force Awakens 2015 | 2h 15min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy [Dont worry – NO SPOILERS below!] Here we go! Was it all those years ago when I was mesmerized by the very first Star Wars episode, Star … Read More

Spectre – Movie Review
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Spectre 2015 | 148 min | Action, Adventure, Thriller Cool, calm Bond. Stylish couture camera work – Experimental cars and fabulous women. What more is there to say about Spectre? Get to your cinema now! -Brian Check out the trailer … Read More

Ronald Searle Coming Home – ART
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ART – Ronald Searle, Coming Home Ruskin Gallery @ Cambridge School of Art Open until 19th November 2015   Sorry to let you know so late, but if you can get along to the Ruskin Gallery before 19th November it … Read More

Legend – Movie Review
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Legend – Movie Review 2015 | 131 min | Biography, Crime, Thriller   Initially the film was not for me – the thought of all that violence (based on fact) with stories of the notorious Kray twins who ruled East … Read More

The Man From UNCLE – Movie Review
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   MOVIE REVIEW – The Man From UNCLE 2015 | 116 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy The Man From UNCLE is a stylish flashback to the 1960’s – 64 through to 68 to be precise – when England were busy winning … Read More

Article – The Essential Kate Bush in 10 Records
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Today a friend sent me a link to this article over at The Vinyl Factory – ‘The Essential Kate Bush in 10 Records’. I can’t believe I’m playing lead guitar and Dave Gilmore is singing backing vocals over ‘Pull Out The Pin’! … Read More

Live Performance – Eltham Folk Club – 10 June
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Hi All, I’ll be performing Live at the below event on Wednesday 10th June 2015. I’ll be playing all my own songs on acoustic. Hope to see you there! Brian