Albert Lee Live

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And his Electric Band 2017 UK Tour

Hi all,

I managed to get a last minute ticket to see Albert Lee live with his new American band last night.

I drove to the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford (and didn’t get lost this time!) with two very special buddies – Melvin (guitar wiz and personal guru) and his brother, Pat. We had a scream listening to the band Head, Hands and Feet (which Albert was in) on the way.

I got to hang out and catch up with my old friend Albert before and after the gig – I can’t believe we go back to 1968, and he’s still getting better with age (and with the voice of a teenager to boot!). Albert had a bad cold beforehand, but sprung into life as soon as he picked up that amazing sounding Earnie Ball Guitar!

Lucille, Wayne and Abigail – the whole family – were there. It was so nice to see them and catch up a little. Unfortunately his sisters Vanessa and Becky were not there – hopefully I’ll catch them the next time!

Albert kept us all engaged with great songs and a unique Country feel to his music – a magical insight to this genius player’s world. He played the music of the Everlys, Rodney Crowell, and even Richard Thompson (a clever song that only he can put together). Albert sprinkled in plenty of stories that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, but of course delivered in a very laidback and inviting fashion. A brilliant set and evening all round.

Albert’s incredible band included Jonny Depp’s bass player, Captain Beefheart’s keyboard player, and a 26 year old genius on Drums!

A big thanks to Celia and the Theatre Manager who kindly upgraded me from standing room, to a seat next to Abigail.

– Brian 

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