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Brian Bath Speedway Star Celebrity Master Fan

Hey Folks,

Guess what? After many years a loyal reader and subscriber, I’ve been featured in this week’s edition of the Speedway Star! Hurrah!

My great old friend Billy Jenkins – himself a wizard guitarist and all-around creative genius – mentioned me to the meteoric champion of Speedway: journalist Mr Peter Oakes, who had just featured Billy in last week’s wonderful Speedway Star magazine.

I used to meet Billy on the 4th bend at the Hackney Wick track, which is sadly not there any more (it was bulldozed when the Olympic site was developed). The name of the team at that time was simply The London Lions and my three children used to play in the playground that was just by the first bend!

Peter is a great guy to talk to and we just nattered and nattered. Unfortunately my age was printed incorrectly – but it probably makes me look younger in the photo! Another blooper in the article was my school group called ‘Shame’ which should have read ‘Tame’ (you can read more about my Tame days here). I put this down to bad phone connection and probably the sheer excitement and buzz I got talking about my favourite sport with my favourite publication!

Now the whole point is that you find your nearest Speedway Track and go and witness this breath-taking sport: the incredible teams and individuals racing. The powered slide that men on 500cc achieve is miraculous…!

I’m featured in the Speedway Star Issue Week Ending May 13. “…we reveal the unlikely connection between speedway…and singer Kate Bush.”

The Speedway Star can be bought at any reputable outlet such as WH Smiths or your local Tescos, or indeed directly from

Check out Billy’s amazing world – visit him on you’ll be taken to completely new worlds.

– Brian

Brian Bath Speedway Star Article

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