The Agony and The Ecstasy – Movie Review

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The Agony and the Ecstasy - Clouds
Scene from The Agony and The Ecstasy. Vision from the mountain top.


The-Agony-and-The-Ecstasy-PosterThe Agony and The Ecstasy

A Film I purchased some time ago along with Moulin Rouge (about Toulouse-Lautrec) whilst also considering Rembrandt with Charles Laughton – a childhood favourite of mine.

This Michelangelo bio surpassed all my expectations viewed over a longish period in between phone calls, other work and meals during a day of diversity.

Charlton Heston exceeds himself as Michelangelo while Rex Harrison does an outstanding job as the Pope.

Some of the Sistine Chapel scenes are stunning and the drawings (sketches & paintings are sublime). What a remarkable film about a truly remarkable man captured in the fantastical spirit of Hollywood!

Check out the trailer below!

Favourite Quotes:

“You have the gift of life”

Pope: “When will it be ready?”
Michelangelo: “When it is finished!”

– Brian

Michelangelo (Charlton Heston) in the Sistine Chapel.

4 Responses

  1. Lannie

    I never heard of this…
    (I bet I would have if it had been called “Michelangelo-film with Charlton Heston painting the Sistine chapel” 😉
    Thank you, Brian!

    • Brian Bath

      Hello Lannie. You should definitely check out the film if you can. Keep on trucking! xx

  2. Helena Bath

    Hi BRI, loving the new website.. Great film review too..d-mop the soho salon I worked in, in the late 80’s had a copy of the famous Anglo painting on the ceiling…. I’ve left my website in the comments. I will post pics of our travels. Love El xx

    • Brian Bath

      Thanks Ellie! Well what about that. A hairdresser’s delight – what the customers must see in their chairs, heads up – the Sistine chapel! Thanks for the comment, keep tuning in as we all will to your miss-nuttyknit blog! xx

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