Mad Max Fury Road – Movie Review

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Mad Max Fury Road - Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron,
Mad Max Fury Road – Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, High Keays-Byrne, Nicholas Hoult

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MAD MAX Fury Road

Gee, did I really just experience this film? Talk about rollercoaster, action action all the way! It just did not seem possible I was sitting witnessing this non-stop, visually explosive Blockbuster of such magnitude. I guess I’m just a sucker for a good ol’ action movie. The first Mel Gibson Mad Max film I found incredibly violent and although this new film had all of that, it just never seemed as harmful.

The virtually wordless Tom Hardy who, after an hour or so, strings a sentence together (mind you he was somewhat strapped up around the chops for that length of time!), stands strong as our Hero. The Vehicles are a scrapyard challengers delight and you just wanted to climb on aboard and have some fun bombing around the sandscape to your hearts content. There must have been a huge team of mechanics keeping these chargers on the move in the heat of the action, and they must have easily used up their quota of spare engines! Exhilarating desert cinematography filled with expendable baddies giving their all to salute – or sacrifice in the worship of – Savannah.

Forget meanings and ambiguities, Mad Max Fury Road was more like a sped up Saving Private Ryan’s opening 20 minutes taken to the extreme. So, the Costume Department along with all supporting characters, all the overworked stuntmen, not forgetting the rich seam of beauties including Charlize Theron as our heroine, should each receive an Oscar for their superb contribution to this enjoyable Dystopian car wars romp.

Check out the trailer to Mad Max Fury Road, below.

Top Quote:

“What a Lovely Day!” – it had to be!

– Brian.

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