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Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy in Child 44
Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy in Child 44

Child 44 Movie Poster

Child 44

I caught Child 44 as it was just leaving the cinema screening circuit. I cannot remember, oh just a minute Leo (Tom Hardy) is the main character in this knee-jerking, dark story of communist Russia at its most dangerous and a serial killer of 44 children (a man who went undiscovered for a very long time).

Leo is soon dragged into Russian politics and is forced to choose between standing by his wife (suspected of being a US agent) and maintaining his military career. As a man on conscience, he chooses his wife and is consequently demoted and banished to the “bum hole of the world” – to a Militia work camp in the south of communist Russia where everyone knows of his reputation in the North.

His new chief is Gary Oldman who reminded me of Mr Mackay the prison officer in Porridge, the long running TV series staring Ronnie Barker! In exile and against orders, Leo decides to investigate these horrific child murders with his wife.

Oldman and Charles Dance just about manage to pull off the archetypal ‘Faux Ruskie’ accent realistically, whereas some of the actors burble throughout.

Child 44 is weighted with violence and some shocking scenes expressing the brutalities and paranoia of those times. The story was a bit flaky at times – strong acting though, especially from Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman (the only character that showed potential to really evolve – perhaps this is just part of his genius craft).

All in all I unexpectedly enjoyed Child 44. Check out the trailer below!

Top Quotes:

“Zee haf vays of making u talk” actually they did not say this. But:

“There’s no such thing as murder in Paradise” maybe rings a red communist bell!

– Brian.

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