The Theory of Everything – Movie Review

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Felicity Jones & Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything

Went to the cinema with my son James to see The Theory of Everything. There were lots of people in the small projector room. This time we were early enough to catch all the adverts & trailers (unusually I enjoyed them – what!?).

So to the film. Where are the guns and violence which we see in most films these days? Incredibly this film needed none of these elements, although there was one violent fall – probably employing just one stunt man! As for CGI, as far as I could tell there was none, or at least hardly any call for it.

The enormity of Stephen Hawking’s disabilities and him overcoming his communication problems was great, especially with the support from a devoted wife Jane and great friends. His sense of humor & wit shone throughout the film and was never lost.

An awful fall at Cambridge; a story of relativity and time – all in all this was a very heart-turning film. A painful part to act from the wonderful Eddie Redmayne and an excellent supporting cast including Felicity Jones and Mark Strong (although most I had never actually come across before).

Nice film, it reminded me of My Left Foot featuring the brilliant Daniel Day Lewis, an all consuming portrait of a survival against adversity – you just want the guys to win, and so they should! The Theory of Everything is a must watch!

Chek out the trailer below!


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