Legend – Movie Review

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Legend, Tom Hardy
Legend. Featuring Tom Hardy as twins Reginald and Ronald Kray.

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Legend – Movie Review

2015 | 131 min | Biography, Crime, Thriller


Initially the film was not for me – the thought of all that violence (based on fact) with stories of the notorious Kray twins who ruled East London. I shouldn’t forget the rival Richardson gang who made a frightening appearance in the film – one particular scene involving the torture (mostly for their own entertainment) of an informant. Very nasty stuff!

These were definitely not the days to remember during the swinging sixties, but alas, they were part of them.

Tom Hardy delivers rock solid performances as both brothers Ronald and Reginald – at times quiet characters, but there was always tension in them like a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at a moments notice, or if anyone sets them off. The director cunningly put together both brothers in many scenes.

Tom’s work rate is historic, how many days did it take him to shoot this film? I daren’t quote it was a ridiculously short filming schedule that he had.

This picture is so pulverisingly violent, at times it turns into a black comedy. Many moments had the audience squirming yet laughing at some scenes. Perfecto support from all actors and extras – including the impeccable Emily Browning as Frances Shea and many of the Kray’s associate gang members.

One particular highlight in the film included an incredibly long one-shot camera take in one of the club sequences – sheer magic!

A little gem.

Check out the trailer to Legend below.


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