Star Wars The Force Awakens

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star wars VII posterStar Wars The Force Awakens

2015 | 2h 15min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

[Dont worry – NO SPOILERS below!]

Here we go! Was it all those years ago when I was mesmerized by the very first Star Wars episode, Star Wars: A New Hope!? – A bootleg no less, on a naff old video up in the mountains in Nice, whilst working on a semi-doomed musical project! Hah!

Harrison Ford just makes Hans Solo work – maybe a few more gags would have been preferred but the film happily bounces along nicely with the enthusiasm of our new starlet, Daisy Ridley, playing Rey. She does a great job and we always look forward to seeing her in action. A big thumbs up also to fellow newcomer John Boyega as Finn.

R2D2 and C3PO could have had a bit more to do in this film, but at least Chewy is utilized, supplying a lot of the humour.

Incredibly heavy space vehicles and breathtaking visuals are a delight. I caught this one in 3D – I may well give the 2D an additional visit and compare notes…!

Star Wars The Force Awakens currently checks in at number #2 on Brian’s Top Films of 2016 list.

Check out Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer below!


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  1. Emma

    I really enjoyed this film, loved seeing a strong female lead too – makes a change!

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